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I haven’t posted anything for a while and it’s been bugging me. It means I’m not practicing what I preach when it comes to social media policies. When I tell my clients that you should be updating your blog at least once a week, it doesn’t look good when I’m reduced to updating my own company blog once a month.

As I hang my head in shame, I can only say that my negligence in this area is because we’ve been very busy lately. In fact, we’ve been so occupied with various projects that we’ve had to bring in additional help to get it all done. On our plate right now is ongoing media relations and grassroots outreach for a major manufacturing and retail client, some media relations and crisis communications planning for another client, ongoing corporate communications, social media and advertising for our friends at Keystone Processors and the Manitoba Cattle Enhancement Council. And we’ve been busy with writing copy for Wellington West and Access Credit Union.

It’s fantastic that we’re able to call on the services of experienced, seasoned colleagues such as Karen Ilchena and Caroline Traweger. And I’m really looking forward to welcoming our intern from Red River College’s Creative Communications program, Lisa Bernstein, next week.

All told, it’s been a very busy spring and we look forward to keeping it all rolling with our customary attention to client service and results.

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