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Dental Clinic Pricing

Do you want more patients?

Of course you do. If you’re running a dental clinic or in charge of its marketing, you need a steady stream of new patients.

The question is: how do you find new patients for your clinic?

There are so many things you could be doing. Where do you start?

Whether you are a small practice with a single dentist or a multiple clinic operation with dozens of examination rooms, the pressure to find new patients is steadily growing.

As with just about everything today, the race to find them (or have them find you) is being run online.

Did you know that the average North American spends more than 2 hours and 20 minutes a day on their phones scrolling through social media, games, news feeds and other apps.

They may not always be looking for a new dentist, but when they are you can guarantee they’ll be online. And you can also bet that before they make an appointment with you, they’ll look for your website or your social media feed to see what they can learn about you and your clinic.

Is it family friendly? What are its hours? Do you offer cosmetic dentistry? Is your location convenient? Do you accept benefits?

Before your new patient calls you, many of them will try to find the answers to those kinds of questions.

That’s why one of the best places to start is with your website. We build websites that are fast-loading, mobile-friendly and optimized to deliver good search results.

How well does your website work?

Want to find out how well your website performs, here’s a free tool from Google that will show you how fast your site loads and performs.

We also offer personalized website reviews that go into more depth. Our initial consultation is always free. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Your site should be very easy to find and it should give your patients exactly what they want when they find it.Show them your clinic. That means showing photos and, ideally, video too.

Let people know what services you offer and what they should expect on their first visit. Let them know if your clinic serves children. Let them know what makes your clinic the right clinic for them.

We also highly recommend you have a booking engine on your site. Give patients an easy way to book an appointment with you.

We’ve talked to many companies who say they want new clients to call first. But many people don’t want to pick up the phone. They want to communicate the way THEY want to communicate. That could mean phone, email or text. Whatever it is, you should offer them the option.

Search Engine Marketing

Having a great, high performing website is great, but you’re competing against a lot of other dentists who have the same thing. Fortunately, we have great digital marketing tools and resources at our disposal today.

We have found that Google ads - on search and display networks - can be remarkably effective for dental clinics. They allow you to target by keywords, by geography and by demographics.

We have experience designing and managing campaigns for dental clinics. We know they work because we’ve been honing them for years.

Great CTR!

Our dental clinic Google campaigns have impressive click through rates (CTR) and drive hundreds of new, returning and potential patients to our clients' sites.

 We'd love to learn more about your situation. We offer free, no obligation marketing assessments. Fill out the contact form here to book yours today.

The worst thing that can happen is you get some free advice, but you may be taking the first step on the road to more growth and profitability.

Build a community of fans

People spend a lot of time on social media apps these days. They get their news through social. They catch up with their friends and family on social. They get referrals to local businesses on social.

Social media can be a great business builder, but it can also be difficult to manage off the corner of your desk. But we bet you know that already.

It is not easy to run your clinic AND make time to ensure your social media feeds are well managed.

It takes time to generate good, professional looking posts, photos and videos. It takes time to respond to comments and reviews.

We write and develop content for our clients’ social media feeds. We create content that fits our clients’ unique brands - showing your people, your services, your community work and your attention to care.

We also manage and respond to comments, reviews and inquiries, taking that worry off our clients’ desks.

And we make sure the communities are growing and feeding our clients new and returning patients.

Online reviews for dentists

Online reviews can be a fantastic opportunity for your clinic. When people are looking for a new dentist, they look for social proof that you are everything you say you are.

That means your patients are reading your online reviews.

There area number of popular online review sites. Among the most important today are Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

If you have happy patients now, then you have a ready made source for new, glowing reviews for your clinic.

Make it easy for your clients to leave a good review for you by sending them a link bye mail or text message.

There area number of very good apps that can help. We can help you set up and manage this process in a way that integrates with your clinic’s patient records.

Did you know the best time to ask for a review after regular checkups is immediately after the appointment?

What about negative reviews or fake reviews?

Bad reviews are a fact of life. Even the best clinics will make mistakes from time to time. Maybe client service isn’t as friendly as it could be one day. Or maybe the patient is just difficult to please.

Whatever the reason, we have to deal with negative reviews from time to time. It’s important to respond to negative reviews.

Your response is less for the reviewer and more for other people who will read the review and your response in the future. They want to see how you deal with adversity. Are you calm? Are you respectful? Do you take steps to correct mistakes? How do you deal with things when they go wrong?

Sometimes you’ll encounter fake reviews too. These can be innocent mistakes where people post are view to the wrong business online. They can also be malicious - intended to do your business harm.

We have experience getting fake and malicious reviews removed. And if things escalate from there, we have helped our clients handle very difficult and sensitive public relations crises.

An easy way to generate more calls

Did you know that one of the best ways to generate new patient inquiries for your clinic is by using your Google MyBusiness feature?

This free service offered by Google allows you to list important details about your clinic whenever someone searches for your clinic by name. It can show photos, a map, your clinic hours and more.

It can also include a phone number which people can click to call your clinic.

Don’t know how to get started with Google MyBusiness? We can help you set that up.

“DooleyPR is a very professional company and a pleasure to work with. They keep us fully informed, so we can see the progress and measure the return on our investment.”
Gary Paige, General Manager, Dental Image Therapy Centres

We’re always learning and constantly looking for better ways to do things for our clients. That has earned us the trust of some big brands over the years, like the ones below.

Why do we work with dental clinics?

First of all, we love nice smiles (doesn’t everyone?). But we also love great health and think that our society will be much better off if we treat our health more seriously.

Even though we love medical science, we aren’t doctors and have no desire to go to medical school. But we are natural communicators and marketers and spend our time doing that to the best of our ability.

Our company didn’t start doing healthcare or dental communications, but we found ourselves doing it more and more over the years. It was a case of passions aligning for us.

And here we are, years later - national and regional award-winning healthcare marketers and communicators ready to help you grow your business.

“We trust Dooley PR. They are a valuable sounding board and partner when communication challenges arise.”
Theresa Kazina, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications, SCU

What does this all cost?

Great question. Based on our experience, we're able to offer standard, predictable pricing options for you. Have a look, we've posted them here. Our pricing gives you a highly experienced team of marketers working for you at less than the price of a single full time employee. 

If you want to work with us, and win new patients for your clinic, contact us today. You can click here or just click on the chat window.

We’ll reach out to you within one business day to review your current situation with you (or set up a more convenient time to talk). That initial call will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

We will give you our analysis on what you’re doing now. We’ll outline some quick ways to improve what you’re doing and let you know

a) if we can help long-term

b) what that help will look like and cost.

Worst case is that you get some free advice that will help you improve your clinic’s marketing.

Best case is that we start working together and helping you build long-term growth and profitability for your clinic.

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