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I noted yesterday that I hadn't even posted on this blog throughout the month of September. What kept me away? Happily, it's business. We've been very busy: busy enough to engage some sub-contractors and to put out the call for more help.One of the projects that has kept us busy is working on the site for ICUC Moderation Services. ICUC Moderation is one of the world's leading online content moderation companies. They work with some of the world's biggest brands and help them ensure their user-generated content is monitored and moderated prior to it going live. This is a vital service in the world of Web 2.0. Organizations need to communicate and interact with customers and the public, but that discussion can't be left to run without some oversight to ensure the online discussion is fair and open.ICUC contracted Dooley Communications to write and edit the What's the you ask? It's a daily news blog on what's happening in user-generated marketing and public relations. It's a fun project to work on and we've discovered there's no shortage of content. There are dozens of major contests going on all the time and technological change that will make your head spin.Check it out when you have some time. It's a great site, one that we're proud to help put together.It's led to some new business contacts for ICUC and I've also found clients and potential clients are very interested in how a blog like this can help position a brand and grow sales. We're building an audience, demonstrating our expertise, and publishing content to keep the and ICUC out in front of their competition.

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