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Growing Your Dental Clinic in 2020

You’ve decided to grow your dental practice. Fantastic!

Maybe you’ve decided that joining a corporate dental practice isn’t for you. You’d rather keep your autonomy. We get that too.

But you’ve also recognized that growing your practice means investing in your marketing. That’s where we come in.  

We’re here to tell you that you can compete against the big corporate dental practices. We know, because we’ve helped dental practices grow even as they face the centralized marketing muscle of larger corporate operations.

Winning Formula

Over the years, we have discovered a winning formula for promoting clinics and attracting new patients. We use a combination of the following:

  • A good (fast-loading, mobile-friendly) website built to convert visitors to new patients.
  • An easy-to-use new appointment booking process.
  • Strong pay-per-click advertising on Google and Bing.
  • A strategy to encourage positive reviews on Google and Facebook.
  • An up-to-date Google My Business page.
  • A friendly and receptive social media presence (hint: we’ve found Facebook and Instagram yield the best results).
  • Solid, results-oriented social media advertising.
  • Occasional PR activities to showcase you and your clinic in the news.
  • A new patient referral program.
  • Traditional advertising to improve brand awareness.

For larger practices, we’d recommend doing all of those things, but we also recognize that would be cost prohibitive for a smaller practice.

Must Haves

Our approach for smaller practices is to start with the tactics that will have the greatest impact. In our experience, that means developing a top performing website with a great appointment booking process. That is the single most important element. The next most important thing is to have an up to date Google My Business profile, including a process to encourage patients to leave positive reviews.

You can claim your own Google My Business profile and make any changes you like by visiting

Once you have those things, we recommend you promote your clinic with search and social media advertising.  

Time vs Money

You can do all of that by yourself. It just takes time. We've found that most of the dentists we work with already put in long hours. Spending evenings and weekends figuring out how much to spend on keywords or how to design a good website isn't something they want to drill into.

Maybe you've already discovered that? Plenty of clinic owners have tried to manage marketing strategies off the corner of their desks. But they almost always get forgotten or neglected and under perform. Or worse, they cost you frivolous dollars when you see you're paying for clicks from Ecuador or Pakistan.

Sometimes clinics can get their front desk personnel to run their marketing. And sometimes they'll be lucky enough to have the right person sitting there who can succeed at that.

The reality is usually different. The well-meaning (already hard working) practice manager or assistant finds they don't have time to keep up. Google changes things. Facebook changes things. They're focused on keeping chairs filled and patients happy. Invariably, marketing becomes an afterthought.

It is much better to delegate it to people who know what they're doing.

10x ROI

We offer turnkey marketing services for dental clinics across Canada - everything from developing new logos and to full marketing campaigns. We do it for much less than the cost of a full-time employee with a return on investment of 5-10 times what you spend (often more, but we don't like to brag).

Where To Start?

We offer free, no obligation consultations. If you’re interested in finding out how you can grow your practice in 2020, contact us today! The worst that can happen is we have a nice conversation and we give you some ideas you can use today. The best is much faster, deliberate growth for your practice.

We're good at what we do.

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