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ComFree's Kim Ewchuk on CTV Morning Live
ComFree’s Kim Ewchuk on CTV Morning Live

We’ve been lucky to be working lately with the great people at ComFree Commonsense Network to help them publicize their services. The for-sale-by-owner company recently converted to a licensed real estate broker. We helped them get nearly blanket coverage in Winnipeg media for that launch in March and have helped them sustain media attention since then.

For example, we recently worked with CTV Morning Live to create a series of segments that delivered valuable information for viewers about staging your home before selling. What should you do to your home to enhance its curb appeal and maximize the sale price? Our client was able to showcase their knowledge while giving the program an informative and useful series of segments.

CTV Morning Live Segments

For the launch in March, we helped ComFree plan its launch strategy, which culminated in them earning outstanding coverage:

Some might call our launch event a press conference, but we billed it more as a photo and video opportunity. We felt strongly that ComFree had a good consumer friendly story to tell (customers can save thousands of dollars) and the media immediately saw that too.

  1. July 27, 2015

    You guys have been doing such a great work at Dooley Communications. I have been following your projects and I like the way you think and put in practice. Right today I wrote a post about the importance of knowing your stakeholders. It can anticipate a crisis, but also prevent that an issue to become a potential crisis too. Some tend to forget about their interests when under pression. I remember the New York city Marathon on 2012, when they kept saying -after the Hurricane Sandy killed hundreds of people – that they would not cancel the marathon. And their mistake is that they kept saying that. And after all the athletes arrived in NY they cancelled it. If they had done the right thing, back there… right at the beginning the crisis would not exist. It is exactly as you said, the formula starts with right communication, right audience, timely way, and keep actively communicating. Otherwise, you can build your ow crisis.
    Keep up the good work guys! Have a great week!

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