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IMG_20160504_072635We are very lucky to have several good morning television news programs in Winnipeg. Our team has developed some strong relationships with the producers, anchors and reporters who put on those shows. As a result we are able to book our clients on to those shows fairly frequently. That’s partly due to our relationships, but it’s also because we work hard to give them subjects that are interesting, newsworthy and organized.

Over the past two weeks we’ve successfully placed our client, ComFree, on CTV Morning Live and CITY TV’s Wheeler in the Morning.

Here are a few tips we’ve learned:

1) Know the shows you’re pitching

Each show has a different target audience and a different format. What works as an in studio interview for CTV probably will not fly as a live remote on CITY or Global. Spend time learning what the shows are looking for.

2) Be organized

Don’t expect the show to do your work for you. You need to get organized and do some brainstorming on what will make good television. If you want a live remote to visit you on location, then you need to come up with ideas for several segments that morning. If you only have one segment planned, then you’re not going to interest anyone in paying a visit. The better you can pull together visually appealing and interesting segments that fit the show’s style, the more successful you will be at securing positive publicity.

3) Be prepared

So you’ve done the hard work of getting a station interested in your story and you’ve outlined several cool segments for the crew to shoot. It would be a shame if you did all that and bombed on camera. We work with our clients to ensure they know their key messages and sound bites. If they need more work, then we’ll help our clients practice in media training sessions designed to make them shine.

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