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We knew the time was right to update the website for the Manitoba Cattle Enhancement Council because we saw that web traffic was dropping off and its organic search rankings were suffering. Add to that a need to refresh the look and feel of MCEC’s online presence, and it was an easy decision to start anew.

We sat down with our client and reviewed what their needs were for their website. They told us they wanted a better presence online that was easier to find and easier to navigate. The design needed to appeal to their core audience of cattle producers and we needed to give them easy access to pages and resources they visited often. They said they also wanted to be able to use their site to communicate more directly with producers. On the old site, key messages were buried on secondary pages often leaving them overlooked.

Our approach was to bring their news and announcements forward so they were front and centre on the index page. Using a versatile blogging platform, the site is easily and quickly updated giving prominence to the news and information we need to deliver to visitors.

The approach we used is also a best practice when it comes to improving your search rankings. Search engines base rankings on freshness, relevance and authority. Our approach means the index page is continuously refreshed with stories and information that are relevant to MCEC’s target audience. Authority relies as much on cross-links from third party sites as anything else. We believe that delivering strong, relevant content is the best way to build your site’s authority ranking over time.

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