Omniglass SCT uses PR to rise from the ashes - Dooley PR
Composites World Weekly was one of several prominent industry trades to cover the story.

When fire destroyed the Omniglass factory in early 2012, a lot of people wrote the company off for dead. But Winnipeg businessmen John Zadro and Leroy Dankochik saw potential in resurrecting the company, which was a North American leader in manufacturing fiberglass for windows and doors.

They purchased the assets and re-established the company as Omniglass SCT late last year inside the state-of-the-art facility owned by Zadro’s Structural Composite Technologies.

Even with its patents and processes, the company knew it had an uphill battle to get the word out that it was open for business. That’s how Dooley Communications got involved on the public relations side. Omniglass SCT was already working with Fusion Communications Group of Winnipeg on branding and marketing. They called us in to help with the media relations portion of the relaunch.

We quickly assembled a list of targeted media from across North America, including a large selection of trade publications, blogs and industry news sources. With the help of Fusion and Omniglass SCT management, we were able to write, edit and distribute a news release with photos and images to media across Canada and the United States within just days of getting the assignment. All of our efforts were done in time for Zadro to attend a major industry trade show, where news of the launch had already earned some attention.

The client was extremely pleased with the results of our efforts which earned positive mentions in multiple industry publications including Window and Door, Composites World Weekly, Door and Window, Glass Online and Plastics News. Local media also ran the story including the Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Metro, CJOB and CTV.

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