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The story appeared in the front section of the Saturday Free Press

When Kane Biotech needed help launching a ground-breaking new pet dental care product, it turned to Fusion Communications Group to handle the marketing and branding. But Fusion recognized there was a public relations angle to pursue for the Winnipeg-based biotechnology company, so it turned to Dooley Communications.

“We saw there was a good news hook, so we called Dooley Communications to help us with the media relations,” said Florence Ozirney, project manager with Fusion. “They quickly came up to speed on the project and were able to put together a solid PR plan that meshed with the rest of the product launch.”

Kane’s plan was to launch its new product, StrixNB, at the province’s biggest veterinarian conference. The company wanted to market the StrixNB oral care water additive by selling it through the province’s vet clinics. The product helps fight bacteria and protects pets’ dental health. It also helps fight ‘doggie breath,’ which the media immediately recognized as a fun news hook. While Fusion worked its magic spreading the word to veterinarians, our job was to let consumers know that this innovative new product was on the market.

Photo from Winnipeg Free Press

Dooley Communications created a targeted list of media, industry trades and bloggers who were most likely to be interested in the story. We also recommended giving print photographers and television cameras something interesting to shoot. That meant organizing a photo and video opportunity on the vet show floor with Kane Biotech executives, a very obedient dog (thanks Fusion!) and a product demonstration.


Because the product was to be launched in Manitoba only, we were asked to keep our efforts targeted at local media. In the end, we were able to interest two of the most popular news outlets in the province – the Winnipeg Free Press, CTV Winnipeg. It was also covered by popular local news blog and earned mentions on social media as well as local radio and television morning shows.

The results were outstanding: Kane reported it immediately received multiple orders from vet clinics wanting to stock StrixNB. The vets were getting calls from pet owners looking to try the new product.

In the end, we feel it was a great example of how advertising and PR can work together.



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