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Corporate Communications and Public Relations

Dooley Communications has created and managed highly effective public relations and marketing campaigns for clients large and small. We work with only the best designers, photographers and Web developers (see our partners) to ensure we deliver top quality work tailored to our clients’ individual requirements.

  • Branding strategy and management – a large part of your brand is how you manage your reputation. How do your customers see you? How are your communications efforts helping or hindering your brand?
  • Writing and copy editing – it all starts on the page. Dooley Communications offers versatile writing skills to give you the very best work (from corporate newsletters and magazines to Web sites and annual reports).
  • Web communications, including social marketing, blogs, etc. – Are you making the most of your Web presence? Websites that are just online brochures wither quickly. The Web is alive and viral; make sure your site is too.
  • Media relations – we help our clients with all facets of media relations from strategy to execution. We’ll write and distribute news releases, create media kits and host news conferences and special media events here in Winnipeg or anywhere you need them.
  • Event planning and management – the practice of public relations means you need to get out and actually meet the public. We’ll help you create successful events for internal and external audiences.
  • Crisis communications – when you’re in the middle of a storm, we can help you navigate. We have years of experience creating crisis communications plans and advising executives and their organizations on how to handle periods of intense interest from media, community, employees, government and other stakeholders.
  • Annual reports, investor relations – shareholders are demanding better and more disclosure today than ever before. We’ll help you craft online and traditional shareholder communications including quarterly and annual reports, roadshows and presentations.
  • Stakeholder relations, internal communications – your employees are often your most important audience and your organization’s best ambassadors. We can help you make sure you’re communicating with them well.
  • Media training – if you’re not sure how to handle a media interview, we can help. We offer customized media training sessions here in Manitoba and across the country that will help you confidently respond to your next interview. We’ll help you understand what to expect from reporters – whether they’re in Winnipeg, Toronto or New York - and will give you practical video-taped media training sessions to put theory into action.

Marketing Communications and Advertising

  • Branding strategy and management – how are you expressing your brand visually? Is it saying what you want it to?
  • Advertising creative: writing, design and production – we partner with leading designers, sound studios, television producers and interactive agencies to give our clients creative that delivers results and stands apart.
  • Media planning – it’s one thing to have great creative, but you need to hit the right audience and you need to do it within budget.
  • Web marketing sites, blogs, analytics, advertising, etc. – the world is increasingly interactive. We work with our clients to build effective Web presences and to ensure their sites are delivering results.
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