Public Relations

In business, reputation is everything. Our team is one of the most experienced in PR in Manitoba. We've seen clients through grand openings, new products, strategic pivots, serious crises and everything in between.

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Media Relations

Few things are more valuable to an organization than positive publicity. We know what makes the news because we've been working with news media across Canada for years.

We'll work with you to identify news hook and media opportunities for your organization. And we make sure you're ready when the cameras start rolling.

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Op-ed Pieces &
Letters to the Editor

Sometimes a good opinion piece is just the tool to influence the public, the media or a government. Opinion pieces are difficult to craft because they need to be short, impactful and they need to deal with often complex topics at a Grade 5 level.

We love writing opinion pieces in part because we love when our clients are bold enough to put their point of view in writing. We're living in an age where brave brands win.

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Photo/Video Opportunities

All media today are visual media, so you have to think visually when you're presenting your news to them. We have designed dozens of photo and video opportunities that have delivered millions of impressions for our clients.

Media outlets trust us because they know when they get an invitation from us, it will be newsworthy, visual, well-organized and worthwhile. We're pros at this.

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Product Launches
& Grand Openings

We love dreaming up unique special events for product launches, grand openings and other celebrations. We've helped clients win celebrity endorsements and packaged diverse kinds of events from vehicle trials on a race track to cooking demonstrations, wine tastings and scavenger hunts.

We build events to meet your objectives whether that is in-store traffic or media impressions.

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Media Training

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of executives, managers and others get ready for media interviews. Media interviews are usually fantastic opportunities to reach large audiences with messages that are important to you and your organization.

They are also unique conversations that take a great deal of practice to do well. We offer half-day and full-day sessions for boards and small groups. We also offer customized one-on-one training for individual executives.

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Crisis Communications

Sometimes things go wrong. When they do, the best organizations know they need to show leadership and respond well. We have counselled clients through extremely difficult situations from major natural disasters, industrial accidents and sexual harassment. We've prepared executives to speak to coroners' inquests and helped others handle hostile reporting.

We're calm. We know what we're doing. We can help you through it.

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We run campaigns and marketing for our clients wherever they do business around the world. We serve as expert local counsel for national and international clients looking for marketing and communications services in the Canadian Prairies.

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