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write newsletterThe monthly or quarterly company newsletter can sometimes seem like a chore to already overloaded staff (is anyone even reading it?), but it is still one of the most effective ways to promote what you do, boost SEO, recognize outstanding achievement among your staff and engage your customers.

Newsletters are more effective and have a longer life if they have an online home with your company website or blog. Only your most dedicated or frequent customers will visit your website regularly. Your newsletter can be a convenient way to show the others what they’ve missed.

Here are six ways a newsletter can positively impact your business.

Build Engagement

You only have a few seconds to interest your audience when they open your newsletter. But if you can prove to be engaging, you have a valuable opportunity to elevate your brand.

Think about what your audience would like to hear from you and make sure you feature it prominently in your newsletter. If you’re in retail, consider featuring upcoming sales or discussing new products or popular trends for the season. If you offer a service, help educate your audience about your industry at a basic level. Remind them of the benefits they’ll receive from using your service, or maybe the pain they might feel from going it alone. Remember, it’s about them, not about you. If you can set yourself up as interesting, funny or an expert, you’ve gone a long way in putting yourself top of mind.

Reduce Direct Mail

A healthy digital newsletter distribution list helps cut the costs of expensive direct mail campaigns. If your audience is used to receiving information from you electronically, it is easy for you to share an idea or promotion with the combination of blog, newsletter and social media. It also allows you to promote engagement and two-way conversation instead of just one-way.

A digital newsletter can also be a good supplement to a campaign which can include advertising, public relations, mail, social media and more.

Establish Brand Recognition and Company Expertise

When you are creating content that is useful and relevant to your audience, you are setting yourself up as an expert in your industry. If your customers come to realize that they can come to you to solve a problem, or learn a helpful fact, they will also feel much more confident trusting you when they are ready to make a purchase.

Celebrate Achievement

Newsletters can be a great place to celebrate achievements, whether that is an office expansion, an exceptional employee, an award or certification or something else. Letting your audience know the good things that are happening to you and your industry, gives them confidence that you are a stable and reliable company and they have made a good choice in dealing with you.

Boost Web Traffic and Sales

A good newsletter can drive your audience to your website, boosting web traffic and potentially sales. Including links back to your website is a good way to see the results of your newsletter and determine if your audience is engaging with your content. Popular email communications services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact provide easy ways to analyze how many people are opening your emails, clicking through or forwarding. They also offer simple ways to manage your mailing lists.

Remind Them That You’re Here

Sometimes your customers just need a reminder that you’re there. Especially for seasonal businesses or companies with long sales cycles, a well-timed message in your customer’s inbox can remind them that it’s time they give you a call or visit your store.

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