Spirited Flatlanders - Dooley PR

Oh please let the woeful Spirited Energy campaign die. A story in the Winnipeg Free Press today illustrated just how badly the province fumbled its last attempt to ‘rebrand’ itself. The article revealed a Grade 4 class had come up with their own rebranding effort.

They hung their branding efforts on Flatlanders: Our sky goes on forever. Okay, it’s not brilliant, but let’s give the kids credit. They put their heads together and came up with a brandname and a tagline that actually mean something, that every Manitoban will instantly understand, and (best of all) it provides a unique identity.

Someone remind me, what did the province pay for the meaningless pith: Spirited Energy? And yet the article mentions that there’s a rumour the province is trying to revive it. Ugh. Why? It’s a sunk cost, let’s not throw more good money after bad.

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