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Katelyn Sarte

Communications Intern

Katelyn has always been fascinated by the world of marketing and PR. Since she grew up in the 2000s, social media practically raised her, and she developed a strong passion for it. She joins Dooley PR & Marketing as a Creative Communications intern from Red River College Polytechnic, specializing in public relations and communciations mamangement. She’s using her skills to develop stellar creative and content for our clients. 

Katelyn is a skilled strategic thinker and executor. She also has a knack for video production and digital design. She’s worked for various industries and clients including family fun centres, finance, non-profits, restaurants and daycares. She enjoys collaborating with local businesses and especially loves to see them thrive. 

When Katelyn isn’t working, you can find her planning and creating content for her personal Instagram and TikTok accounts, where she connects with over one hundred thousand people. She makes fashion and lifestyle content and collaborates with small and big brands across Canada and the United States.

Dooley Noted

Case Studies

Outside the Ford dealership in Roblin with two women holding a large cheque in front of a Ford truck
August 27, 2019
Ford of Canada
Screenshot of young woman getting blood taken for a diabetes test
August 27, 2019

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