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Welcome to Dooley Noted and the Web site for Dooley Communications, a Winnipeg public relations firm that aims to be known for its creativity, poise and dedication to detail.

When I launched this company six months ago, I did so with a very clear idea of what a PR agency should be. I have worked both in and with PR and advertising agencies in the past. I’ve worked with small one-person shops and with some of the largest agencies in North America. Sometimes the experience has been great; other times, not so much. Here’s what I learned. The best agencies were those that cared about the work and cared about the success of their clients. You can have all the talent and expertise in the world, but if you don’t give a damn whether your client succeeds or not, then you’re just billing hours.

Besides giving a damn, the best agencies are always looking at ways to improve. They didn’t want to just repeat the same campaign year after year, they were always seeking better ways to do things. To do that, they have to keep themselves up to date with the latest information and surround themselves with smart, engaging people.

That’s the way I like to work and judging from the first few months of business, there’s a strong market for that kind of dedication to service and expertise. So far, my clients have included: Tetrem Capital Management, one of Canada’s leading investment management firms; UNICEF Canada’s Prairie Region; the Teachers’ Retirement Allowances Fund; Costco Wholesale; the Business Development Bank of Canada; and the Manitoba Cattle Enhancement Council. I’ve developed media relations strategies, developed brochures and advertising, written newsletters and given media training.

I look forward to what the future brings for Dooley Communications.

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