Woe is Spitzer - Dooley PR

Don’t lie. It’ll catch up to you.

That’s the first rule of public relations and media relations. Just look at Eliot Spitzer. The now former New York State Governor is disgraced over his involvement in a sex scandal with a call girl.

His fate is a good lesson in the importance of practising what you preach on a public relations pulpit. Don’t go saying you’re a crusader occupying the moral high ground when you’re spending your spare time bathing in a stinky bog. (It’s not that I want to give stinky bogs a bad name. At least they provide much needed wetlands for water foul.)

The shame of it all is that with Spitzer hoisted on his own petard, investors will need to find someone else to take on corporate malfeasance and greed. No doubt he went too far in some cases, but he certainly bagged a few deserving crooks in the process.


Adam Dooley.

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