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So you have to write an article for your company newsletter? Or maybe a blog post? There are a lot of things to consider (well before the dread sets in). You need to compile relevant information, do some research, and maybe talk to a colleague or an outside expert. If you’re new to the writing game, you will probably spend about as much time considering what not to include as you will focusing on your topic.

Here are two rules rule that will help you get down to business quickly and guide you through to the end:

1. know your audience and
2. know why you’re writing the piece in the first place.

You have to ask yourself who will be reading this? Is the newsletter going to customers (or potential customers)? Employees? Professionals? What do they want to know about your topic? What do they know already? Why do they care? Why should they care?

You also need to clearly understand your objective. Do you want to inform people about your organization’s commitment to the environment? Do you want to attract new customers? What is the most important thing this piece should accomplish?

Example: The Client Case Study

Let’s say you’re writing a case study about how your company helped a current client successfully upgrade and install a computer network. The case study should go on your company’s blog and in an external newsletter directed to clients and prospects. The goal of the publication is to get new clients.

So, first off, you know that your audience is made up of clients and prospects. That means the content should be written with them in mind. Presumably they know a little about your topic already, but maybe not a lot. They may not use your company for computer networks now, but they may very well be in the market for that exact service (or could be next year). Your story needs to explain to them how and why the problems you solved with your current client can apply to their situation.

In this case, most people think the story is about the current client, but it’s not. It’s about how your company helped the client. Tell that story. Explain the challenges the client had before your team swooped in to rescue them. Outline what you did to solve those challenges and why it is your team is so uniquely capable of doing so again in similar situations.

Good writing is hard to come by. If your organization needs help, contact Dooley Communications today. We regularly write and edit websites, newsletters, white papers, brochures, tweets and just about anything else you can think of for clients in Winnipeg, Manitoba and into Northwestern Ontario and Saskatchewan.

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